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The ecommerce is the service of electronic marketing that suits the online business marketing perspectives. It comprises the buying and selling of products through the electronic systems. The electronic systems necessarily refer to the computer network system, which is mainly the Internet. The online trading has been hugely facilitated by the introduction of e-commerce.

The e-commerce brings about business to business end functioning between specific and distinct agents, parties, companies and many such participants. The electronic commerce mainly laid its emphasis upon online transfer of money, online electronic data exchange and data collection, global online marketing and many such activities. This brings about the exclusive utilization of the World Wide Web as the main platform for the distribution of the items and products electronically.

The eCommerce Hosting is the process of online business hosting, which refers to the online business marketing through a marketing website by which clients and customers are able to buy and sell products or items according to their own will. The eCommerce Hosting services require or rather comprise certain business attributes such as the Business to Business(B2B), Business to Client(B2C), call to action, e-tailing, market segmentation, SSL certificate and many more.

The eCommerce Hosting specifically require a hosting account and a web hosting platform.

Some of the Top eCommerce Web Hosting Providers are Listed Below:

You can get the online web hosting providers and also subsequent tips about a suitable hosting process. But if you are a beginner, then you may follow this. For kick starting the online business and as the first step of ecommerce hosting, you must develop:

1. Securing a domain name: You may get the domain name online for free, as there are numerous providers. Your domain name will be the main initial identifier.

2. E-mail accounts: The e-mail account management is the next basic step, which must follow your first step.

3. Shopping carts: You may obtain shopping carts online and have the option of choosing them out of a number of carts.

The next and the most important stage in the ecommerce hosting process is the ability to run a website. The three required attributes for efficient running of a website are:

1. Dedicated IP address: The dedicated IP address is a non sharable address across the web and is important to connect to the credit gateways for the flow of money through online payments directly through your website. The IP and the SSL certificates ensure the security of the site and thus connect to the payment gateways.

2. SSL certificate: The secure socket layer certificate refers to a digitalized certificate that is required to identify and connect to a dependable merchant. The SSL certificate is able to identify a payment gateway or a merchant through the protected credit information that enables online marketing transactions.

3. Payment gateway: The payment gateway is also known as the online merchant that is able to trust the SSL certificate and secured credit information and thus brings about electronic cash transaction through the online transaction system. This accounts for the funding of the websites and secured marketing. There are numerous online gateways available that are trustworthy and reliable.
Thus, the eCommerce Hosting is easy and is extremely fruitful for setting up an online business.

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