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Developing a website sometimes becomes a very grueling and demanding task even for the most experienced technocrats. Using Windows to build a website is not an easy task. It is very necessary to have a hosting, which offers great functionality because it is the main part in the success of your website. The website developed by the use of Windows means it is compatible with all Windows-based data programs and all these when put together, makes the integration simpler as compared to most other methods. Thus, in order to develop a Windows based website, it is necessary to find a Windows hosting company.

The main advantage of Windows hosting is that it is less complicated. It works on Microsoft Windows Server 2003 or 2008. Windows hosting also offers dynamic web pages and applications that are built using .Net framework. Windows hosting providing great compatibility with Microsoft, it is very useful for many types of online business.

The fact of the increasing popularity of Windows hosting is the support that it provides. The compatibility between the components built from IIS till the SQL Server is very superb. A Windows hosting server is compatible with popular Windows programs like SQL and MySQL which can perfectly manage huge databases. ASP is a Programming language which can be used in Windows hosting as it is compatible with MySQL. The combination of ASP and MySQL is good for developing Windows based website because the shopping cart requires being attractive and loaded with large database.

For home based database, many techies use Microsoft Access as the database is comparatively small and does not require much security. Moreover, with the help of Windows web host, this task becomes very simple.

One of the considerable benefits of using Windows server is that it can very well work with Microsoft Front Page which is a powerful web page creator. A person, even without the knowledge of HTML, can create a professional web page or the entire website. The important fact of the Front Page is that after completely designing the page, the Front Page will automatically convert it into HTML. It can then be used anywhere when needed. Windows servers can read the Front Page extensions. So, if you wish to build a website using Front Page, you require Windows server to upload it.

There are many variations coming in the Windows technologies. So, most of the companies can easily upgrade their server software as per the latest upgrades and updates in Windows. This is one of the main features of Windows web hosting. Microsoft is famous for releasing new versions of everything with its name on it. So, you can immediately know about the latest versions of the databases as well as other products with the help of Windows web hosting company.

Thus, Windows hosting provides wide variety of applications that can be beneficial to your website. Moreover, its user friendly interface is suitable for all types of users. The costing of Windows hosting is bit higher in comparison with other hosting, but its features will make you forget about the investment.

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