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The type of the web server platform, which you will be using for your website hosting, is very important while selecting a web hosting service provider for your already existing website or for future use.

Make sure that you do not choose the web hosting platform just by the commonly known facts related to a particular platform. Select the web hosting platform according to the requirements of your website. Again, check the operating system installed on your home computer, which will help to make a choice of the web hosting platform. Suppose, you have Windows on your computer, then you can opt for UNIX/Linux web hosting services.

If your website uses the functionality of ASP, ASP.Net, MSSQL or any other Microsoft specific applications, then search for the Windows hosting provider, which provides the web hosting service compatible to Windows server platform. But, instead, if your website is using PHP, Perl and MySQL or if written in HTML, then the best option is using UNIX/Linux web hosting.

Let’s discuss the advantages and features of UNIX/Linux web hosting. UNIX/Linux web hosting is one of the most powerful and stable solutions for web hosting services. UNIX and Linux as the operating systems are open source so they are comparatively cheaper than any other platforms. Both being open sources, changing the codes is always very easy. A very large number of queries of web as well as MySQL web servers can be handled simultaneously by UNIX/Linux web hosting. The web hosting services provided on UNIX/Linux are remarkable and productive. The qualitative and trustworthy web server equipments with licensed software and constant monitoring of the technical support and customer care along with the web hosting servers are provided by UNIX/Linux web hosting service provider.

The security provided by UNIX/Linux web hosting is very proper. When it comes to fixing the problems, it is not a big issue with UNIX/Linux hosting. The interface used by UNIX does not allow wastage of system resources. So, unlimited programs can be run maintaining the stability and security. Many hosting companies use free version of UNIX which is a real cost savings to the hosting service providers. Any error or fault found in the speed or security can be corrected in UNIX by using the right skills.

Linux being an open source is easily available and at the same time affordable. The programming languages compatible with Linux are Perl, PHP and Python. The security features provided by Linux are really superior. It is very suitable for a network server setting as compared to other platforms. Moreover, Linux can be hacked easily so, virus, intrusion, worms or any other such problems have no chances to penetrate into this system.

Some of the UNIX/Linux web hosting providers offer the services on LAMP having Linux as the operating system and Apache as the web server, MySQL as the database management system and PHP/Perl as the programming language. This is considered to be one of the most useful solutions in the web hosting area.

Thus, UNIX/Linux web hosting has been proved to be the most stable and less expensive solutions, which can handle large databases and providing considerable percentage of uptime.

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