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If you wish to have a strong presence in the online world, creating a website can fulfill your wish. You also require a domain name for your site and need a web space for your website on the Internet. This is referred to as web hosting, which provides a service by allotting the space on a server. This allows the users to easily get in contact with you anytime just by accessing your site. However, you should note that all the web hosts are not made equal. The web hosts can differ with respect to storage capacity, customer service, price, providing support for several programming languages, databases and also services of control panels.

PHP is the shorthand for Hyper Pre-Processor. PHP is an open source programming language, which is mainly used for the development and designing of the website. PHP is easy to code, as it is an expansion of C and C++ languages. It is written as a script to return the output as HTML to the browser.

There are many benefits of using PHP language because of its faster and flexible coding. Using PHP as a language, the website development can be dynamic and it will offer faster browsing. You can add several functionalities including multimedia to your website to make it user-friendly and attractive. Moreover, the data processing is initially done at the server location and thereafter, when the user accesses your website, it takes very less time to get loaded. For the execution of the website, it does not rely on any external applications. You can even transform your static website to the dynamic one by the use of PHP language because it is quick, efficient and reliable and also provides the facility to communicate two ways on the internet while using it real time.

PHP hosting is referred to as the hosting that supports PHP language on the server side. Most of the web hosting services support this language, as it is very persistent and convenient web developing language. While selecting a web hosting service, a very important thing to be noted is that the server should support the language, which you are using for developing and designing your website.

A good combination of the programming language and the database is capable of handling a huge traffic arriving to your site while you are applying the site for online purpose or business. PHP language is very user-friendly in providing the facility of shopping services to your website in order to attract the customers. These facilities have features like unlimited database, SSL certificates, shopping cart, mailing functions, all done in real time. PHP is the scripting language which is best compatible with MySQL database. They make the perfect combination. You can get both of them in a single package or select the preferences according to your requirement while choosing the web hosting package. In a complete package, the server checks the compatibility of the versions of PHP as well as MySQL whereas; if you are choosing a customized web hosting package, then you need to pay the amount as per the versions of PHP and MySQL.

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