2014 Biz.nf Free Hosting Review

Biz.nf is a provider free web hosting for your websites. 250 MB is the size of web space they give, as well as 5,000 MB of bandwidth every month. The hosting service provided by biz.nf is good. With no mandatory advertisements on the user’s pages which is excellent as as far as a free hosting service is concerned.biz.nf hosting reviews

Usually, a number free web hosting services include banner advertisements on the user’s website – probably to make up for the free service. Biz.nf does not run such adverts, and also allow the users to place their adverts; so the possibility of getting annoyed with such ads is eliminated.

The truth is that this is a wonderful free hosting plan that will host your site in an effective manner. If you have been disappointed by other web hosting companies, you don’t have to be angry because you are at the right place. We are here to help you.

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Considering that you intend to host on a free service, you have to be aware of the scripts that run on the server. You can automatically install and configure a WordPress blog and Joomla websites. There is also the ability to run php, and cgi/perl scripts, they also provide MySql database support.


When using biz.nf, you can use a domain or subdomain. The beautiful thing about this free web hosting service is that they allow you to register free domains with the .co.nf extensions with which you can host other sites as well. And they still do not force ads on the sites.

Online Web Editor

For some people, they prefer using their web host’s site builder to design their sites. Some of these web design tools can provide advanced features that allow the user to make professional websites for either personal or business uses.

However, a lot of free web hosting service do not offer such functionalities, even in its most basic forms; while some provide the tool but do not include additional features for more complex web design tasks. Biz.nf does not have any such online web editor, and so you have to make do with having your website designed somewhere else.

If all you just want to do is put up a site temporarily, then this free web hosting service would be perfect as they are simple to use. There is usually nothing much required to enjoy the free web hosting service, which explains why a lot of people go for it.

Even though biz.nf is a free web hosting service, there is still provisioned for free emails. Depending on the number available for you, you can provide as many as required for your website.

Additionally, you can either use an FTP or the web based FTP for the uploading of your files, either of which can work for you. Always remember that you have a limited web space as well as bandwidth for your use, and so you will have to be cautious when uploading files to the server.

If you are a fan of green web hosting, biz.nf is completely green. It may interest you to know that their hosting operations are powered by wind power which is renewable.


Biz.nf guarantees their users round the clock customer care support. They have maintenance and monitoring services that ensure their servers have maximum uptime; as well as provide quality help for users who have queries.

All in all, you have to take note that the free service that biz.nf provides to users could start you off on the path to your web hosting adventure. The features that these kinds of services provide are just basic to get you started and keep you going.

The moment you begin to think of expansion on your website and business, you may need to get a paid service, which doesn’t cost so much these days. With that you can have excellent extra features for your site.

Visit the offical site: biz.nf


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