2014 bluehost(justhost,hostmonster) vs dreamhost

In terms of disk space and bandwidth this hosting service has got a lot to offer to its customers. There are many quality features that are associated and this makes Bluehost a popular choice among users who are looking for enhanced bandwidth and disk space. Another quality of this hosting service is that it has a control panel which is very easy to operate and users normally don’t face difficulty in getting used to its features. In contrast to its competitors Bluehost provides site builder tool for making a website this is a big positive associated with this hosting service. In addition users get to enjoy the facilities associated with unlimited domains, File Transfer Protocol and email account. It will not be wrong to mention that for small scale business owners that don’t have to manage large traffic Bluehost is a great option. Especially in terms of script and application it is the best option. It shows satisfactory compatibility with WordPress.  In addition there are many other quality features provided by this hosting service.



If you are in search of a web hosting service that can provide you with quality uptime and lots of templates then Dreamhost is the best option for you. Also there are advantages associated with the transfer of the website. There are installers present for checking of the beta versions. There are offerings related with registration of domains and hosting of VPS.  If you own a business owner with requirements that are associated with high traffic and bandwidth along with disk space then Dreamhost appears as an ideal option. Additional features include free domains and 24 hours customer support.


Comparison of features

Both Bluehost and Dreamhost provide limitless space in GB, Transfer, Domian Hosting, email accounts and MySQL database. In addition both provide free of cost Domian registration and 24 hours customer services. But if you carefully analyze then it gets apparent that Bluehost provides a good number of additional qualities which makes your hosting experience better and improved. These additional privileges include the likes of following


  • Yahoo
  • MySpace
  • Website builders
  • Free shopping carts

Another major difference between Dreamhost and JustHost lies in the rates and expenses associated with each of these hosting services. In comparison JustHost is cheaper and more stable coming with additional quality features. Another difference is that JustHost comes with a lifelong pay back guarantee feature, but in case of DreamHost this facility is available for only ninety seven days. Both provide free customer support, but in case of DreamHost the privilege is only limited to technical supports via email while BlueHost provides Live chat facilities, calls and email support to its customers free of cost. The best thing about DreamHost is that it comes with an additional advantage of 100 percent guaranteed uptime while bluehost provides an uptime of 99.9 percent. So here you can clearly say that Dreamhost possesses an upper hand. It is important that a 100 percent uptime is being provided by a particular web hosting service because there is a tough competition out there are to survive your website needs to be available for the users 24 hours and with DreamHost you can get all this. On the other hand if the case is that you are looking for a hosting service that can provide enhanced space and bandwidth then the ideal choice here is JustHost. There are no two opinions on the point that BlueHost supplies better facilities related to e Commerce.

Coming towards the pricing then it is worth mentioning that when both JustHost and Bluehost are compared then DreamHost appears as more expensive. But dreamhost is good for SEO for dynamic IP and different sites can link to each other easily.


Both of the above mentioned hosting services come with their own advantages as well as drawbacks it is up to you to decide that which one shows compatibility with your requirements.

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