2014 Burst.net windows hosting review

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Presently there are many web hosting services that are entertaining their clients. So when it comes to the selection of a quality service provider for your product there are high chances that you will face a tough time. Every other hosting service makes big claims associated user satisfaction and mind you some of them are actually good. But you need to select the one which shows compatibility with your demands and falls within your budget range. For this reason it is advised that prior to making a final selection you should carefully undergo all the provided details in relation to the hosting service and estimate its compatibility with your requirements. In this section we will have an overview of a noted web hosting service that is known as BrustNet so that readers can acquire basic knowledge about its offerings.

BrustNet is one of the leading and most noted web hosting services that are present today. It is serving website owners for some time now and it will not be wrong to mention that BrustNet is among one of the most reputed web hosting companies of the modern era. The headquarters of BrustNet are located in US and UK, but the interesting thing is that it has its clients expansions present in more than one hundred counties of this world. It enjoys the status of being a dependable and inexpensive web hosting service provider. The big plus associated with them are their inexpensive packages that have earned praise from everyone. They are very much suited for small scale businesses. They are dependable and reliable and this can be verified by the reviews that have been obtained by them. The users show satisfaction when they switch to BrustNet and prefer staying with it.

If you want to test their features then you can opt for this service for a short time to check its affectivity for yourself.  Moving towards the services that are being offered by this hosting service we can say that they provide a wide range of quality services like hosting packages, solution for storage and VPS facilities to their clients. Although a good number of services are provided by BrustNet, but it is particularly famous for its VPS hosting services. The requirement for Virtual private Server is increasing and in this regard BrustNet emerges as an ideal solution. Their Virtual private network associated hosting packages related offers are of four types one of these is reserved for Windows while the remaining three are for Linux. More preference has been allotted Linux because it is considered more popular in the web hosting world. The availability of VPS not at all means that one should neglect other quality services provided by this hosting service.

It is worth mentioning that that the shared servers come with some limits and are not capable of meeting all requirements. If you think that your needs are not going to be fulfilled by such servers then the best option for you to is to consider the managed dedicated server offered by BrustNet. This kind of server provides your greater liberty to mange accounts, data, configuration and software. The best part is that you can get all this at discounted rates. If you are looking for unlimited liberty and managing options in relation to hardware, data and software then collocation solution from BrustNet is the ideal option for you.

Moving towards the customer services then you will be delighted to know that BrustNet provides high quality customer support to their clients. The respond very quickly and try their best to handle the issues of their customers. They are always involved in bringing ease and satisfaction to their customers.

Drawbacks of BrustNet are very few in comparison to its advantages like the upgrading can prove to be expensive. There are some issues that arise when rebooting is considered. All in all BrustNet is a good hosting service and is capable of satisfying users to a greater degree.
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