2014 Byet Internet Services Free Hosting Review

Byet Internet Services is a hosting service that provides a collection of hosting plans for different categories. There are the free hosting options, the Premium Shared Hosting and the Virtual Private Servers. There’s also the Dedicated Servers for those who want to enjoy higher hosting privileges.

ByetHost.com offers a sensible specification for the services they provide. Their dedicated servers are good but very limited. Their technical support is one that the company badly needs to address as it doesn’t provide appropriate assistance to a large part of their clientele, especially to those who are just starting out in the hosting experience.

Dedicated Servers

Byet Internet Services offers a variety of setups for their dedicated servers; they really need to provide the customization that larger business will want to enjoy. This ability to provide customization is what serves the higher end of the dedicated server market.

In Byet, there is the upgrade feature you can do to enjoy better services. Both the bandwidth and the CPU can be upgraded; but the challenge with this feature, especially that of the CPU is the fact that you end up paying for extra features you may not really need. This is why some hosting services now try to satisfy their clients by providing them with customized services that suit their specific needs. Maybe Byet needs to be more flexible in their service provisions.

Virtual Private Servers

If you do not have so much to pay for a Virtual Private Server, Byet provides the service fair prices. When using their VPS, you enjoy a total control of your virtual server, as well as being able to ask for different operating systems. This ability gives you powerful flexibility, and this is made possible with their use of the HyperVM control panel with full root access.

These features are great for most customers who just need the basic features of a virtual private server. Nevertheless, Byet has yet to include the flexibility that allows her customers some level of customization control on some features of the VPS. As said, this may not be a challenge to most customers, but it clearly is a limiting factor to consider when planning for the upgrade and expansion of the hosting service.



Shared Hosting

Byet provides a variety of generous functionality and specifications for its shared hosting services, including good services especially in the premium ones. The premium plans of the company come with Fantastico script installer and cPanel control panel, which is the standard choice for managing websites’ software.

As for the free hosting services that Byet offers, they also come with good specifications, but just enough to get you started in the hosting of your site. Usually, most companies including Byet provide you with the free hosting, but you‘ll be better off upgrading to the premium packages because you really will never be satisfied with the free service.

Just as with the experience most people have when using free hosting services, you don’t want to go through such hassles involved in a free service. It will be better you go straight for one of those premium packages.


As a website owner it is normal to face challenges with your site once in a while. When that happens, you just need to have the assurance that you have a reliable technical support department with your hosting provider that’ll help. Customers will keep coming to your site when they discover that your technical support department is working very hard.

On this point, Byet really measure up. With the use of a ticket system on their site, they assist their clients effectively- their aim is to give their customers 100% satisfaction. Furthermore, they have the ability of answering queries from their clients in an effective manner- customer’s love going to companies that will surely answer all their questions in an effective manner. Thus, you will never go wrong by using their services!


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