2014 DreamHost Dedicated Server Review

Are you looking for reviews on dedicated servers? Do you want to know how good the quality of dreamhost dedicated server is? Is it astute to buy a shared dedicated dreamhost server? dreamhost has been serving in dedicated servers along with an aim to serve the best. Nonetheless, a server is always excellent until the setup of the company is excellent. As soon as a problem occurs on the data center, the users start facing a number of problems. However, it is better to go through reviews like this to search the best hosting dedicated servers.

Consequently, for the advantage of the customers, dreamhost dedicated server has launched discount offers and different packages. But are they worth the money? The service as an overall is average, and availing the offers might be a risk with respect to the high amount of busy servers. Also, if you face any kind of problem regarding dreamhost server, then you might need to contact the support. In case the support team is busy, your time, money and website get ruined within a matter of days, provided that the server remained down.

First of all, you might need to know the fact that the price of this dedicated server is not too high and reasonable at the same time, so if you are going to buy it, then money would not be a problem. Now, after you have bought it, initially there might be suspects about facing problems. At any dedicated server, there are chances that you might face difficulties setting it up your way. It is said that when dreamhost server started, they were ok, after some years, they had gone from ok to excellent, now again the service is down and worsening, said the customers. The support of dreamhost however, does not provide live chat or call now; the only possible way to contact them to get technical support for your server is via e-mail. You just cannot make sure whether they will respond to your email in time nor will they even respond? After all, dreamhost is famous for low-cost domains, VPS & dedicated servers. If you buy it from a reseller, the chances of facing problems are high. The server does not go down too often, but when it does, it creates a chaos and the customers are there to get affected. However, there is also a chance of data loss at dreamhost when your server goes down. Creating backup when you’re on a dreamhost server is necessary. When they restore your site, it might contain the old backup, but not the latest one. Consequently, having a backup of your own with yourself is being on the safe side. For its unlimited packages, it is said to be the best as dreamhost provides unlimited bandwidth and space for your shared server.

As you know that dreamhost support only responds via e-mail, so by the time they had fewer customers, the response was good. Also, Dreamhost provides a fixed payment method for all its customers who are sharing dedicated servers. This is advantageous for customers. In payment aspect, Dreamhost is known to be one of the best. As you know that it has a number of increasing customers, so they are a bit unreliable since a year or two. You should better go through proper reviews like this as it is better to know the advantages and drawbacks of what you might buy. Hence, Dreamhost support is OK, and the price is too good to be bought.


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