2014 Dreamhost VPS review

With the technology advancing and progressing day by day, more and more business adopting technology to make the business operations much more efficient and at the same save costs that they would otherwise incur. Virtual Private Server or VPS is becoming a very common thing with businesses turning to it. It is essentially an internet hosting service that provides a virtual machine for the users. A VPS server will allocate your business with certain resources such as disk space, processing power, bandwidth and memory so that you can use these resources while there is no burden at all on the organization as your website or work will not have any kind of problems as you will have a portion of your own dedicated resources to help you.

In a VPS service, the business has a much security of files and data than on a single PC server as there are more people and resources dedicated. It also can be said that it gives an illusion of multiple hardware devices under a single unit. The VPS server is also able to give a multiple number of IPs and domain hosting for the customers to have. The customers also get a super user level of access to any particular operating system that they have once they get the VPS system. This means that no matter which application that they get, they can install it as long it is able to run on the operating system.

Dreamhost provides a chance for customers and businesses to imagine the web in the way that they want to. The website claims that they save more green through the hosting process and allow hosting for only $3.95 per month along with the benefits of a free domain. Dreamhost provides the services of VPS to improve the performance and scalability of the business along with how it grows which is very beneficial to the businesses as they can expand as they grow rather than investing all at once in the start. Along with VPS, the website also services such as shared hosting and dedicated hosting which are also regarded as very good offers to help your business develop and grow at the same time. Dreamhost also claims to host more than 500,000 sites that are running from WordPress at the core.

VPS hosting can be regarded as the upgraded level of performance which you can use in place of or in addition to your shared hosting to give you more power. Dreamhost partitions a number of virtual servers from a physical server that increases the amount and the protection of CPU and RAM resources. It is termed to be good for businesses that have websites which are going through a lot of growth or having a lot of traffic on the website or running complex applications. Dreamhost offers RAM of 300 MB, 600 MB, 1000 MB, 2000 MB and 4000 MB at various different rates offered from $15 per month to $200 per month.

There are several benefits of having a VPS from Dreamhost for your business. Some of these benefits are:

  • Flexibility: You can increase the level of the performance of your website as it grows as the Linux-V server which allows you to scale up even without rebooting.
  • High Level of Control: You have a high control in the VPS unlike the shared hosting which gives you no control at all.
  • Reduced Costs: VPS allows you to pay for only the plan that you need and avoid paying for resources that will not be used in the business.
  • Easy to Use: Dreamhost makes the using and managing of the VPS like a breeze and GUI is very easy to use.
  • No Overage Fees: The disk capacity and the bandwidth are unlimited for your site and there are no surprise costs.
  • Enterprise-Level Reliability: Dreamhost is managing its own network therefore there will not be any issue regarding the reliability of the VPS server.


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