2014 GoDaddy Shared Hosting Review

Go Daddy Shared Web Hosting Service – Perfect for Small to Medium Businesses
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Go Daddy is very popular with online marketers as is evident from its fast growing customer base. This service currently handles more than 45 million different domains and its users have very little to complain about. This company does offer many services but what sets it apart from the other hosting services in the market is that it is quite reliable and easy to use. This service also offers very inexpensive registration, making it one of the most popular hosts for people who want new URLs for their websites.

The data servers are very high tech and they are also maintained in high security facilities, thereby ensuring that downtime is kept to the absolute minimum.

Wide Array Of Features

Go Daddy offers a very impressive array of features and users can pick a plan that has all the features they need. The basic plan does not offer a whole lot of features; it does not come with unlimited storage space, email or databases. In fact, it offers 10GB of storage only. However, this is more than satisfactory for small businesses, especially when they are just starting out and do not need a lot of bandwidth or storage. This plan also comes with 1 email address only. All plans come with free mobile sites.

A business can always shift to a more expensive plan if and when it expands to require more infrastructure. Even so, this company is best suited to a small or medium sized business and not to a very large one because of the limitations placed on features. Go Daddy also offers a variety of useful SEO tools but these come at a price and are not available with the cheaper plans. Even so, this service offers its subscribers a variety of data on site statistics so that they can manage their businesses better. This service supports a number of popular programming languages such as ASP, ColdFusion, MySQL, PHP, Perl, Python and Ruby etc. This company also offers good e-commerce solutions, but at an additional cost.

Easy to Use

Novices at online commerce can easily get started using this website hosting service since it is extremely easy to use. The site creation and domain management tools it offers are all very user friendly and flexible. The website templates offered are very simple and easy to use. Users can graduate to using complicated applications after a while thanks to many tutorials on various relevant subjects. The FAQ section is extremely useful to newbies and experienced users equally.

Technical Support

The company also offers lots of technical support to users so that they can make the best use of their websites. However, users complain that they get answers from technical support after a wait of 24 hours or so. This delay causes a lot of problems for companies if their websites cannot be accessed properly by customers. The very popularity of this service provider is the reason for this problem since its support team is evidently not equipped to deal with queries in good time.

Cheap Service for Beginners

Since Go Daddy has very affordable registration costs, a person who is launching an online business will naturally go for this service. Upgraded services tend to be very expensive but people only opt for them when their businesses have expanded enough to need them. For instance, only the Premium Plan offer free SSL certificate. This is definitely a major drawback of the service.


There is no doubt at all that Go Daddy is a very good shared website host in spite of its drawbacks. Most people pick and choose the options they need (and pay for them individually) so that they can run their websites easily.
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