2014 Hostgator vs godaddy

It is best to start the comparison with the estimating that which one is more user- friendly. One of the factors that are often neglected by the webhosting services is that not everyone is capable of understanding all the technical aspects. But it is worth mentioning that Godaddy has paid all the due consideration to this matter and if you are a beginner then you will surely be impressed with their presentation. You will find it very easy to understand all the plans and working of systems. Especially control panel is very easy to operate. On the other hand hostgator is no doubt a bit complex and not that much easy to operate for the beginners. This doesn’t mean that Hostgator doesn’t provide quality features the thing is that it explains everything in a technical manner which sometimes gets hard for the newcomers to understand. Also the control panel is a bit more complex than Godaddy.



When you move towards the performance or functioning then the clear indication is that Godaddy is not that good and gives tough time to the users. The downtime problem always persists and most of the times you fail to find the reason that why your blog or site is down. But Hostgator is free of all such issues there are minimal issues related to downtime in fact you get to enjoy uptime of 99%. So here you can say that Hostgator is a clear winner.



The procedure of installing applications on Hostgator is again a bit complex and it sometimes gets hard for the users to understand the requirements. In addition there are processes associated with the installations of most applications and most people find it really hard to understand all this. But once installed all the applications run smoothly and efficiently. Godaddy is much less complicated in this regard. Installing applications is much simpler and easy especially the installation of WordPress applications is greatly facilitated. Installed applications run smoothly, but they are not as good as they run on Hostgator.





We all are concerned about the expenditures and aim to find a quality webhosting service that can provide quality support to our products but at affordable rates. For this reason it is best to always prefer a web hosting service that can give you all the required features at compatible rates. If you consider the price of Godaddy alone then the options available are fine. This means that they are neither so high nor too low. But when you compare the rates with other web hosting services then surely Godaddy looks a bit expensive.  If Hostgator is considered then the rates are similar to Godaddy, but it has a greater number of sales which gives Hostgator an overall less expensive reputation than Godaddy.


Domian Names

It will not be wrong to mention that Godaddy is the biggest domain registrant that is present in the modern world. In addition all of your domains are provided quality security at Godaddy also their offerings are very cheap and handsome. In this department hostgator lags behind and it is not a smart choice for getting domains.  Also the rates are very high and most people prefer Godaddy for this reason.


Customer services

The customer services provided by Godaddy are not satisfactory and their serious drawback is that they fail to provide the live chat facility. Calling customer care center is free only for the people of Kenya while others have to pay per minutes and mind you rates are very high. Hostgator provides live chat facility and this is a great aspect related with their customer services. The supporting staff is very good and understanding.



From the above mentioned comparison it is clear that no doubt Godaddy is the biggest domain registrant, but for web hosting Hostgator emerges as a much more stable and professional option. In this race the clear winner is Hostgator.

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