2014 Bluehost vs. Hostgator( WordPress)-Get the Better of the Hosting Giants

Hosting has taken a huge forward march. Many new web users are coming up with their sites and blogs to be published on the internet. Hosting by a small company is not practical and neither is it efficient. You need to choose among the web hosting services provided by numerous companies through the internet itself. The top hosting companies will always seem similar to the person who is new to the hosting business. Almost all of them provide a good uptime, unlimited resources and other entities. Let us consider some of the difference between the top hosting companies of the present day, Bluehost against Hostgator.


Both of them have a huge fan base and both of the companies deserve good amount loyalists for the services that they offer in the vastly competitive market. Popularity wise, none can outrun the other. Bluehost can be preferred by many because the blogging giants, WordPress themselves recommend the bloggers to choose the Bluehost based hosting service. WordPress helps a bluehost win over Hostgator in this section.

Money matters

The basic fee for hosting at Hostgator accumulates to $8.95 per mount, which decreases to $4.95 if you decide to pay advance payment for 3 years. You can get a 20% discount on the billing of your first month. While at Bluehost, normal fee accumulates to $6.95 per month and if you pay advance payment for any time period greater than one year, your bill per month comes down to $4.95.

You get 10 additional working days to clear your bills to continue on the account if you miss the last date for Hostgator, but on the other hand Bluehost is somewhat infamous but you can also call it a punctuality of sort to discontinue an account completely if you fail to pay the bill on time.

With qualities like being cheaper, punctual and more profitable, bluehost win the money segment.

Petty issues

There are many differences between the two giants of the business, and here are some of the small differences that make a larger impact on your business.

  • Bluehost provides a free domain name to be used while you need to buy one at a price of $14. Newer and more domains can be bought at Bluehost at $10 where you need to pay $15 for newer domains. Only one thing about domains is healthy at Hostgator, the fact that it allows free transfer of domain.
  • Support wise Bluehost lags behind Hostgator. Many past users have complained of the fact that Bluehost support systems take a good amount of time and one single executive cannot handle the complete problem and requires referrals. While it is a better user support that you expect at Hostgator.

With overall consideration, clearly bluehost win over Hostgator. The margin is not huge but the differentiation is possible.

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