How to choose a hosting between shared hosting, VPS, and dedicated server

This article will surely be an eye-opener in analyzing the differences between dedicated hosting, VPS and shared hosting plans. At the end of the day, you will discover the best way to choose a suitable hosting option, and why you should prefer one than others.

Shared hosting- this involves our business class hosting and cheap / personal hosting plans. This can be likened to living in an apartment where all the occupants are in the same place, and are expected to share the resources with every person such as the parking lot, playground and pool.

In shared hosting, all the sites ought to share the available resources such as the disk space, memory and CPU time. As we advance, we will see the characteristics of others.

VPS Hosting- this involves 1024M, 512M, and 56M hosting plans. In this case, all the memory and CPU Time are shared all over the machine. This gives room for more flexibility and power than when you are on a shared account. You can see that the difference is quite glaring.

Dedicated Hosting- when we talk about dedicated hosting, we are referring to advanced, essential and elite dedicated hosting platforms. In this case, you are permitted to have access to every nook and cranny of the machine.

Now after perusing through these three options, which one is good for you? Is it a VPS, or shared hosting or dedicated hosting?  You will definitely get to know more as we advance in our analysis.

Hosting as a term is divided into four kinds, namely dedicated servers, managed hosting, virtual private servers and shared hosting. In terms of performance, customizability and price, shared hosting is the most common and lowest tier of web hosting. However, those that need serious hosting services prefer using others; dedicated, managed, or virtual private servers than this one.





Dedicated is the most powerful and fastest available choice. The truth remains that they occupy the highest strata of the web hosting options. There are some options that are available here, which are not available in virtual private servers.


The popular slogan is ‘get dedicated’, because it is believed that when you get dedicated, the problem to a great extent is solved. It is a good thing to host your site. If you truly want your site to be recognized or even to stand the test of time, then thinking of how to give it high quality hosting will be the best thing that could ever happen to the site.

If the site is hosted properly, then visitors will not be having issues in assessing it, and they will not also have issues with search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and others. Your site deserves to be hosted today, so do everything within your power to make sure it receives quality hosting right away. This is something you will never regret in any way.

Another serious advantage of a dedicated server is that it is being completely controlled by the client. Thus, it can be rebooted at the right time, and can as well being customized. Some shared hosting providers have limitations to what they can install, and they may not necessarily give their clients 100% satisfaction.

In fact, dedicated servers have the capability of handling any hardware issue such as memory, processing power, hard drive storage capacity, etc. This is something that can be identified by everyone without any issue.

Shared hosting plans provide unlimited storage and unlimited bandwidth and guarantees 24 / 7 services. There are also some restrictions with regard to running and installing memory / CPU software or intensive modules, because hosts may see those software as being detrimental to other accounts. All these analysis here will assist you in choosing correctly- we hope that they will guide you in making a wise choice today. Good luck!

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