How to use Google apps to build free domain email box

Building a domain name is one of the earliest things a website owner does. If you have done that, it is assumed you have not started a business. Some bloggers who buys domain finds it difficult in setting up a branded email address. For example, if your site is, then your branded email contact supposes to look like [email protected].
The good news is that Gmail helps you in managing all the emails that comes straight to your sites’ email. Communication will be easier and more graceful.
As a business owner, this will enhance the performance of your business- when the business is moving fine, and then there is the possibility of making money. But the reverse surely is the case when it is moving same.
Google apps gives you the privilege of setting up more than 10 email addresses using your domain- you will not be charged a dime for this service. You will be protected, served well and most importantly stay safe. You can create a Gmail account for your site or blog and even connect it to your web host in simple ways.
Creating a Gmail account entails submitting some of your personal contacts, including a recovery email- the email can be a Gmail account or any other email, however it must be an existing email id, a phone number, a username and a password- the username and password must be unique, such that no one has ever used them in Gmail account in the past. If you submit information that has been stored in our system previously, then it will not be through.
More so, you need to set up shortcuts to web URLs, Google short links can help you in redirecting and hiding your affiliate links.

Shortening services like,, and so on are unnecessary in setting up little web addresses for your links, since it is possible to do it free of charge with the help of Google apps accounts.

This will also help you to share them in your twitter, blog, Facebook and other social networking sites. Messages or contents shared on social media sites will go miles in promoting the sites or the businesses concerned.

This article is addressing or better still advancing the thesis that it is possible to use Google apps in building a free domain email box. This is a possibility. You will never go wrong by doing this. We believe that by the time you are through with this page, you will understand how to do it effectively.

One of the necessary conditions for using Google short links is having a Google apps account and having a domain. You are required to create one if you do not have one or read the online tutorial on that.
After creating a Gmail account for your site, the next step is to convert the difficult web address into an easy-to remember, short web address. For instance, if you want to access your email account, instead of typing a long address like /a/, you can easily write something like this

Make sure your email is connected to Gmail. In terms of security, advanced plug-in, tools and service, Gmail is the best emailing service- there is no contest on this. Some people cannot remember the last time they signed in to other emailing options like Hotmail or Yahoo, but they cannot say that of Gmail.

If you have used Google apps to create an email address for your firm, it will be easy for you to redirect every email in your domain address straight to your Gmail account. This can be done within few minutes.

Just one Gmail account is enough to manage your personal, business and family accounts. Thus, responding to your clients’ messages and comments from one Gmail account is more convenient and saves you a great deal of time.

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