2014 Interserver Dedicated Server Review

Interserver is a dedicated server that is being used in many areas of this world. This is a company that was established in late 90’s and is now serving the world community with a number of products related to server and computers. The dedicated reseller program is one of its main offerings. Shared hosting and dedicated server are the offerings that are used by several customers. Do you know about the quality of Interserver dedicated server? Is it worth buying? Is the support system of Interserver good? What about the customer service? Is it reliable to set up a company based server on interserver?
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Nonetheless, Interserver is a dedicated server that is providing customers with seasonal packages & offers since the beginning. It is said that the support that is provided by Interserver is friendly & highly supportive. However, there is no limit of response time taken to reply to your questions. Consequently, the main purpose of Interserver is to provide dedicated servers on reasonable price, and many other facilities to their customers regarding it. It is subjected to offer cheaply in all aspects. However, reading reviews about dedicated servers and getting all the required information is understood to be necessary before selecting your dedicated server.

One of the drawbacks of Interserver is that its mail server etc. is down for a number of short periods of time. For a long time server, interserver is one of the best as after 5-10 years, you can have your own server than a shared one. Your life would be incomplete without interserver. On the other hand, it is known that the servers of interserver are down too often which causes problems to the customers and the company. Also, in some areas, people do not face a single problem. Moreover, the support of interserver is excellent as compared to other private server companies.

As a new customer, you will get every support to set up with your dedicated server site & you would only feel ecstatic after selecting interserver. Now, with little server problems and all, other good offers, price and support, you may conclude that you can invest in interserver dedicated server for a reasonable price with being tension free. It is also known that the company’s data center is located in New Jersey. With the special packages for web hosting, interserver is known to be a server that provides one of the best packages and multi web hosting. Interserver has been improving since the very beginning and the establishment, in all areas.

However, it is still said that service of interserver is not all good. The drawbacks are, nonetheless found. Your tickets take some time to be answered, not more than one hour and not less than 15 minutes. To start with a business, and want a shared server leading to a dedicated server, then interserver is probably the pick of the bunch. Nevertheless, a company that wants to set it up perhaps knows about a number of servers including interserver, so it is an average dedicated server. Other than it, go through reviews to select the best type and package. Also, the support will help you through your way to set up a shared server.

Your money at interserver will not be wasted whatsoever. Moreover, you will be able to use it the way you want. Go through dedicated server reviews as it will enhance your selecting quality. Interserver is reasonable and a better choice than other expensive and inexperienced server companies. This company is known to have many customers worldwide including world’s biggest countries. In a nutshell, interserver is an average dedicated server in all aspects.
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