2014 IXwebhosting Windows Hosting Review

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IX Web Hosting is a hosting firm that not only offers great value for money; they also offer excellent specifications especially for sites that are for personal and small businesses. They may not also have the user friendliness or ease of navigation expected of any large web host, but they’re impressive in their services.

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Shared Hosting

The shared hosting provided by IX has the basic specifications any web manager will need. They have the Expert, Business and Unlimited Plans. Even though there are just three plans to offer; they all have complete functionality for any standard hosting.

Their cheapest plan has almost everything the more expensive plans have, except for the restriction in number of mailboxes that can be created and databases.

So basically, the packages have adequate features especially if you are just starting out. The unlimited storage and bandwidth give the freedom having countless visitors to your site, as well as allow you enjoy uploading all you want to your site.

In case you don’t want to have your site designed elsewhere, IX’s site builder does not really offer you certain advanced web design tools to give you a professional design for your site. So you may have to ignore the costs, and get your site designed elsewhere.

Virtual Private Servers

IX has three packages for their VPS; the X2, X4 and X8 for both Windows and Linux operating systems. These packages provide most of the servers needs you need, in addition to the unique service they provide.

Although the plans are a bit expensive when compared to the plans their competitors offer, however if hosting is an essential part of what you do, then it’s worth every penny. In this case you have to consider the uptime reliability and the support you have access to when things don’t go the way you want; IX score high points in those.

The VPS provides all the features a dedicated server is supposed to provide. The full root access and unlimited hosting of domains are all available.


It doesn’t matter what obvious weaknesses a hosting provider may have, the ability to maintain friendliness and provide a great customer support covers up for any perceived weakness in the service of the company. One the other hand, a poor customer care support may be of no help to a hosting provider, regardless of the functionalities they offer. At IX Web Hosting, they provide great technical support.

The Help centers provide useful information in the form of video tutorials on so many of the topics that anyone could need help on. Their ticket centers are also renowned for attending to their clients’ queries promptly – at any time. In case you want to have a direct phone or live support, we are guaranteeing your complete satisfaction; they already have a track record of respect for their clients. Feel free to contact us any time any day.

This is a considerable plus for IX as a large number of web hosting services today do not provide the appropriate support for their clients. So with IX you can expect some peace of mind, little wonder they are hosting over half a million websites.

Well, there is always room for improvement. Even though they give great value for money through the packages they already have, IX Web Hosting simply needs to add to their range of virtual private server packages. By doing so, they will be able to display a greater variety of products or packages to their users.

Nevertheless, the fact they have reliable services, add to the unique specifications and fantastic customer care support available; they are an excellent web hosting company to work with.
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