2014 Jaguar PC Dedicated Server Review

JaguarPC provides great features as well as very good speed and service. Jaguar PC is providing great web host services since the time it has been introduced, providing comfort to users since year 1998. These three features, i.e. the speed, service and support are the greatest advantages to be mentioned a review of their work. That is why is has continuously been nominated and ranked among the top VPS hosting, web hosting as well as server host providers. The users get the guarantee of a 100 percent network uptime, and each of the servers of the customers makes use of disk arrays RAID10.

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JaguarPC does not only keep up its good work but also improves its packages and comes up with new ones every now and then. They provide additional services for free such as daily backups with the use of backup software of “R1 Soft enterprise”. The backup services have been improved over the time and are still a major area of interest for further development. More information on that is in the coming paragraphs.

One great reason for using JaguarPC is that its team takes great care of the customers and prefers their ease over everything else. It is helpful to the most talented people working in the industry of web hosting.

Why should your company prefer the web hosting services of JaguarPC? Well there are a number of reasonable answers to that. First, the jaguar PC provides professional support to the customers 24/7. The staff consisting of a team of experts is always available to hear any complaint, suggestion or demand all the time via email, live chat or telephone. They guide you can explain to you everything you need to do to get your problem solved. You will not find any problem in using it as it is simple and well oriented. However, if you find difficulty in using any particular feature of JaguarPC, the staff will help you out. This is a great advantage of using their web services. You can submit to the staff a support ticket so that you can add the latest technological features such as backup features.

The service provides a daily backup, ensuring that your work is safe and you can get it any time in case of loss. Your critical data is in safe hands, thus ensuring the safety of your important work. The backup plans begin from an affordable low price of $4.95 per month, including a 50 GB disk space and an agent. If you want 250GB space plan long with unlimited gents, the price is only $16.95 per month.

The web hosting service is affordable and will always suit your budget, as already mentioned, the JaguarPC always takes care of the customers and keeps them at ease. The services are reliable and provide a guarantee of 100% uptime and network. You should prefer it because they also provide free transfer of domain so that you can use your older web address for the new hosting plan you have planned to use. Another great advantage is that you get money back guarantee. If you use their service but do not like it, you can return it and get your money back within 45 days of purchase.

JaguarPC has a good reputation and has award winning services, so it should be preferred over other web hosting services. Their affordable low prices, quick restores and boundless services will always be helpful and when they are not, customer service is always there for help. Do not hesitate before selecting their services over other service providers.

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