2014 Liquidweb dedicated server review

In the web hosting world the name of LiquidWeb surely stands out they are known for providing quality services and obtaining customer satisfaction. It has been 15 years now since the inception of this organization and in this period of time LiquidWeb has earned a respected spot in the hearts of users through hard work and dedication. Presently it is one of the top selling web hosting services of this world and no doubt is a big fish of the market. The most appreciated aspect related with this web hosting services is that it not only provides normal features that are related with a web hosting service, but also LiquidWeb maintains its individuality by bringing innovation to this field. The 48 core processor is one such example. They have gathered all the elements which are normally required for smooth functioning and prosperity of your business. However it is best that you should opt for this hosting service after obtaining complete knowledge about its features and offers. This helps in estimating that how much LiquidWeb shows compatibility with your demands. In this section we will have a look at some of the prominent offerings of this hosting service and their associated advantages for your business.

There are three 3 distinct types of dedicated servers which are named as follow

  • Single-processor Multi Core Server
  • Dual processor Multi Core server
  • Quad Processor Multi core Server

Let’s have a look at specifications of these three servers provided by LiquidWeb.

The Single-processor Multi Core Server provides the liberty of selecting 2 to 6 cores equal to 3.2 Gigahertz.

The Dual processor Multi Core server provides the liberty of selecting 8 to 16 cores.

Quad Processor Multi core Server provides liberty of 48 cores and that to in a single processor. This means that with LiquidWeb by your side you don’t need to worry about pace and strength.

Moving towards the customer support provided by LiquidWeb I am delighted to inform you that this hosting service is one of the best when it comes to customer support and handling along with related affairs. There is a dedicated team of professionals ready to serve clients 24/7 whole year. The members of customer support center are not only qualified, but also they are alert towards all kinds of responses which they get. You can get in touch with them via live chat options, telephonic connection and emails. The company claims to respond to any kind of issues within 30 minutes from the time of contact. This is really a big plus and for this due appreciation needs to be allotted to the customer support department of LiquidWeb. It is worth mentioning that the support system of this web hosting service is highly advanced and clear free of complexities or other confusions. If you have issues inform the support center and your problem will be solved in the provided time frame. There are three different stages of support system to facilitate users more cleanly and according to their requirements. The stages are as follow

  • Fully managed
  • Core managed
  • Self managed

In addition to further assist you nine teams have been formulated each specializes in some specific areas and all of them are available 24 hours to deal with your issues and queries. When you mention your problem then you are directed towards the appropriate team.

In relation to Random Access Memory there are packages present and you can select the one which suits your requirements. In terms of Bandwidth also a lot of flexibility has been shown and users can select the range of bandwidth which shows compatibility with their requirements. The most noted aspect about LiquidWeb is that it provides a guaranteed uptime of 100 percent. The server is never down and you are spared from issues that arise in relation to downtime.

Expenses or costs of packages vary and most of them fall in affordable ranges. All in all LiquidWeb is a quality web hosting service.


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