Windows Hosting VS Linux Hosting-Operating System Hosting Differences Compared

Web hosting services are platforms using which website owners make their sites available through WWW. For attracting maximum visitors towards your site it is important to take aid from a quality and powerful webhosting company. Linux and Windows are the two most prominent web hosting services that are present in the modern world. Both of them come with unique features and entertain their clients positively. If you are about to launch your new website then surely it will be very difficult for you to select between Linux and Windows. In this section we will have a comparison between Linux and Windows so that users can easily select the web hosting service which shows compatibility with their demands.

Financial requirements

Let’s start by comparing that how much financial advantage is provided by these two hosting services. It is the top priority of every website owner to keep things under the designed budget because if you are spending more than you are earning then this is a clear indication that you are not moving in the right direction. Linux comes with free downloading options on the other hand Windows is free of such privileges and hosting organization is required to pay for the services. But the thing to notice is that if you are not making a private web server then Windows and Linux both are comparable in relation to the financial requirements.


Another difference between these two systems is related with the reboot related requirements. When you consider Linux then the most appreciated thought is that it possesses a long Up time. In comparison to Windows there are fewer requirements in relation to the rebooting of the systems for different tasks in Linux. From the standpoint of users it is worth noticing that if one is conscious about down time in relation to the virus attacks then keep in mind that Windows is more exposed to such problems. Linux is also threatened by such attacks, but not as much as Windows. In short with Windows there are more risks related to security when compared to Linux which comes as a much safer option.


In relation to accessing one`s account there are minimal differences present between the two systems. Both servers deliver access related facilities via a FTP session. This FTP accessing facility is provided by means of command line or the other option is through a graphical client. If you are utilizing the former then there are chances that you will experience some differences between the two operating systems. In short both Linux and Windows provide almost same account accessing facilities to their clients and there are very few differences.

Technological support

Here facilities provided by both hosts show contrasting behaviors. When it comes to PHP, open source web developments and MySQL then both provide support to these technologies. On the other hand Linux doesn’t show any kind of support towards .NET environment, MSSQL, ASP and Windows Streaming media. At the same time you must realize that if your site is dependent upon patented Microsoft’s technology then Linux will fail to provide any kind of support to you here and you will require the services of Windows. If this is not the case then you are free to go with any of the systems.

In the end it is worth mentioning that both Linux and Windows are reputed and well known names in the world of web hosting. Each comes with unique and exclusive features for its clients and facilities are also of versatile nature. At the same time each comes with its own limitations and drawbacks. In short there are advantages and disadvantages associated with both. It is dependent upon the users to make a final choice keeping in consideration his or her requirements. Frankly speaking there are minimal differences between both of these systems. In terms of quality and customer services both Linux and Windows provide great services to their clients. So carefully make the selection after analyzing your requirements and choosing the system that shows compatibility with your demands.

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