2014 SoftLayer dedicated Server Review

Decent reviews about softlayer dedicated server have been found.  Before selecting on a dedicated server, going through reviews is a purposeful activity. It helps you know about the server. It is true that you might look for the best and the cheapest server based on your website type, but the main point that comes in your mind is that will you be satisfied with the experience of softlayer?

This dedicated server is owned by a company in the USA. The data centers of the server are located in Singapore, and in the main cities of the United States. Moreover, to provide you support in the best possible way, they have the live chat option available on the website. You can contact 24 hours and seven days a week. However, there is no guarantee of time taken to respond to your questions. Data centers are equipped with latest software & machines, including the latest integration as well.

On this dedicated server, your site might be turned off or down, due to no valid reason whatsoever. Now, disconnecting your server without any reason can cause a number of problems. Firstly, loss of money you used to buy the dedicated server. Secondly, your company’s customers are also affected. At the same side, the customer service of the dedicated server is shown as worst, and this ruins your customers also. Moreover, your business will be affected with great financial loss if your site is disconnected without a valid reason. A Singapore, and I the main cities of U dedicated server of soft layer costs 500$ per month, and 3 will cost 1500$. This shows how much you would lose if your server is disconnected without any reason.

Additionally, the softlayer setup of RHN network is known to be too bad and you will face difficulties while configuring your softlayer setup. However, because of the configuration problems, you might face major downtime for months. Now, when you face a number of problems, the first thing you do is to contact the support team in order to solve the problem. When you look up for support on your problem to the supportive team, you will find them extremely unprofessional with their words. You would only get disappointed after spending huge amount of money on the softlayer network for your company, and in the end, you do not get the right support that you deserved when needed. An extra effort you need to do in order to stay up to date with softlayer dedicated server is that you need to perform ticket updates. It is a compulsory task which every customer should do. The time limit is set for the customers to perform it, and if you are too late too lazy to do so, your site will definitely be turned down and disconnected without a valid reason. Customers do not take it (the ticket update) as a valid reason. Moreover, after some time, you may realize that this company profits unethically. Being a softlayer dedicated server customer is not too main stream. However, an excellent technical support indicates a proper and good quality company, but at softlayer, it is about poor technical and customer support. You just cannot do what you want; you might not get the answers you want from the support team. Also, your money will not be refunded before they shut your site off. As you know the drawbacks about softlayer dedicated servers, you must make the right decision to go through personal and company reviews about any server before selecting your dedicated server. Selecting on dedicated servers is a complicated task, try selecting the best and save your money.


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