Unlimited domains, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited space are the truth or just a promotion?

Web hosting services provide support and platforms to websites and make them accessible on the World Wide Web. Every website no matter how good it is, requires a suitable as well as reliable web hosting service for extending its operations on the internet. For this reason it is very important to find a decent and supporting web hosting service for your brand new website. Hosting services are normally provided by Web Hosts that are actually organizations that allot space upon the servers to their clients for the propagation and implementation of their sites and also they provide connecting facility to the internet. There are many web hosting services present in the market these days and every one of them comes with unique features and facilities for their clients. Hosts normally allot control panel to their customers for the management of web server and installation of scripts and carrying out other functions. In fact some web hosting services provide their specialized privileges to the clients. Web hosting companies always try to attract and impress their customers by putting the word “unlimited” before terms like domains, bandwidth and space. These kinds of offers are a part of the plan that is formulated by the web hosting services for gathering a solid or more precisely massive client base.

But what is the truth behind such offers? Do they really exist or it’s just a way of getting clients. In this section we will try to find out that the real meaning of word “unlimited” in the world of web hosting. Now this is a fact that presently there are more than enough web hosts that are present and each has a preference of attracting customers towards its offerings. Maintaining individuality and impressing clients along with surviving in the competition has become a great challenge for web hosting services and to manage all this word “unlimited” is attached to hosting features like bandwidth, disk space, email accounts etc.  What you need to understand is that the world of website hosting has a language of its own. There are high chances that your manner of interpretation of a term is completely different from the one that is possessed by your preferred hosting service. First of all realize the fact that no web hosting company possesses an unlimited quantity of bandwidth, Disk space or domains so how can they provide you all this for extended periods of time.

The majority of the people doesn’t bother to read the terms and services before opting for a web hosting service and this is not a good approach. Because if you read the rules and regulations prior to making any final decision then you will realize that things are not that much simple as they look like. There are restrictions imposed upon aspects like the usage of RAM, CPU, file size etc. these terms are imposed by the hosting services to prevent the integrity and convenience of all of their clients. So when you cross the allotted limits or liberty then your acts start to affect other websites that are sharing your server. In these situations according to the terms and services the web hosting company takes the necessary and required steps to facilitate their other customers who are not violating any rule. This can happen with you if you chose to have too many sites using one account with the result of shutting down of your own system.

The reality is that no one can enjoy the facility of unlimited disk space or bandwidth because the fact is that no hosting service possesses these facilities. You need to realize that no hosting company can provide you all the desired bandwidth and disk space and there is always a limit present beyond the word “unlimited”.

Same is the case with unlimited domains. So from the above discussion you can understand now that actually the term “unlimited” is a smart approach of promotion adopted by hosting services that actually comes with many limitations.

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