What is Secure Shell, SSL, FTP, Stats, and why they are important for website owners

The world of internet is full of potentials and opportunities that are offered to those who are willing to take the risks. It will not be wrong to mention that in the past decade internet has emerged as a very fine money making option all around the globe. Its influential capacity and penetration power has associated many great privileges with its usage. These days it is considered a smart choice to launch a website on the internet and earn profit from this act. But things are not that much simple. Owning your own website is a task that comes with great responsibility and there are many factors that need proper consideration. It is important for website owners to develop an understanding of some basic concepts that are associated with this task. In this section we will have a look at the meanings of some terms the knowledge of which is very important for individuals who have their own websites or are planning to launch one.


Secure shell

Secure Shell or SSH is actually a network protocol that is utilized for secured data communications, implementation of commands and additional services of the network between two sources that are connected by means of secure channels over a system that is not secure. There are basically two main types that are regarded as SSH-1 and SSH-2. Basically SSH is concerned with validating the user if required. There are many ways through which the SSH usage can be carried out you can either take benefit from its automatic key pairs or if you want you can use manual options as well. Basically the user usage of SSH is concerned with logging into a distant machine and carrying out the execution of commands. Also it can play a part in the transfer of files.



File Transfer Protocol is actually one of the networking protocols that are utilized for carrying out the transfer of files among different hosts over networks that are based upon the Transmission Control Protocol more commonly the internet. Basically File Transfer protocol is based upon a client server design that takes advantage from independent data, control connection among clients and server. The users can connect with FTP by validating themselves by means of specified user names and passwords also if they want they can get in touch without being recognized, but this is dependent upon the configuration of the server. It is worth mentioning that presently FTP is not regarded as a safe protocol and it fails to meet the set standards. But it is one of the most commonly used transferring protocols.



SSL or Secure Sockets Layer is used for providing protection to data transfer from a website. Basically it is a recognized protocol that is utilized for safeguarding the data that is transferred from a site to a browser. It is all dependent upon the encryption of data at the end of sender and its decryption at the end of the receiver. SSL makes sure that the UN approved sources are not allowed to access important or confidential information that is being transferred. It is very useful and plays a prominent part in gathering secure and authentic information about the visitors that visit your site. SSL also helps by establishing a bond of trust between a site and its visitors. Users are provided with the assurance that any kind of data transfer from this platform is secured and free from interruption. In fact SSL is demanded by the majority of web users especially when online shopping is being carried out.



It is very important for a website owner to analyze and understand the stats of his or her website. The web hosting services normally allot standard stats options to the users and you are required to do their translation for taking any kind of benefit from them.  Stats are a direct mean through which can evaluate the performance of your website. So it is very important that you pay due consideration to them.

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