2014 Yahoo Business Hosting Reviews

Yahoo Hosting – A Quality Product From A Huge Brand

There are many options when it comes to selecting a website hosting service and most people who own small to medium-sized businesses get confused because of all the choices. Yahoo Hosting has a very powerful advantage over many other shared hosting services because the Yahoo brand name is hugely popular all over the world, even though it is better known for its free email accounts and web search to a lesser extent. Even so, this hosting service offers its users quite a few interesting and useful features and this makes it quite a good choice for people who want a reliable service that does not require them to do a lot of work.

Good Range of Features

Customers of Yahoo Hosting get a whole host of features such as unlimited disk space, data transfer and email storage. They also get a free domain name of their choice (subject to availability) along with email addresses. Since this web hosting service is designed to be used by people running small businesses, it also offers a large number of design tools that are very easy to use. As a matter of fact, the website building facility offered by Yahoo is one of the best available since it also offers support for a large number of third party design tools. This control panel of this hosting service is also very user friendly, thereby enabling almost any person to use it, even if the person does not have a whole lot of experience building or managing a website. Yahoo Hosting also supports a large number of software and blogging options, giving users a great deal of flexibility.

Reliable Hosting Service

Yahoo Hosting sets itself apart thanks to its reliability. It offers customers 99.99% uptime and it lives up to its commitment. In addition, it also offers 24 hour customer support through a toll free telephone number. This enables customers to deal with various issues that might otherwise hinder the running of their website. In addition, the company also runs a very good help center where most questions get answered. It also offers high quality video tutorials and online guides that enable customers to make the best use of all the facilities available to them. In any case, Yahoo also offers a money back guarantee valid for 30 days after purchase in the unlikely event that a customer is not satisfied with its service. This guarantee is valid not just for new accounts but also for upgrades of existing web hosting accounts.

What Makes Yahoo Hosting Even More Special?

People who sign up for this web hosting service receive an advertising boost in the form of a $50 credit for Google AdWords and a $100 credit for marketing with Yahoo. This enables them to get a head start on their competitors without having to spend a lot of money right at the outset. Many users also appreciate the fact that Yahoo offers them advanced photo, video and audio galleries that enable them to make their websites more attractive to visitors. Customers can also get simple but highly useful performance reports that enable them to manage their online businesses better.

People who tend to stick to a tried and tested name definitely prefer to use Yahoo Hosting and they are not disappointed in their choice. This reliable service gives them a great deal of assistance for managing their websites, ensuring that online business is a little less confusing than before. The cost of using this service is also quite reasonable. It is therefore a good idea to try out this service after studying the different packages available.

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