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DK Hosting Review: One of the topnotch hosts in the hosting industry have something much to offer other than the regular VPS,Dedicated or the Reseller Hosting. Termed the Shoutcast hosting, you can start up your own radio channel. Avail more details by visiting their site. With down to earth prices and trendier C-Support DK is one of the pioneers in giving the best customer oriented experience.

DK Hosting Blurb:

DK Hosting originally started late 2005, providing a affordable services to a large client base.
To this day DK Hosting now supplys the public and companies with a professional, reliable and quality service. They supply many services from Web Hosting to Virtual Private Servers (VPS). It has become a Multi Hosting provider sharing its services with people from across the globe. DK Hosting is expanding day by day.
In the end of 2006 DK Hosting bought the company Your Hosts.
DK Hosting hosts its services on top of the range servers for the ultimate speed and quality that you deserve.

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