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Gate Hosting Review: Offers Loads of different Hosting Packages under the types of Linux, Windows, Dedicated Hosting Exchange Hosting. Also available are Domain Registration Online Backup services. believes in the success of their customers, and highly values their web hosting needs. Gate is Professional Web hosting company Provides their customers with expert support 24/7. They are pioneers in Clustering Technology whom you can trust upon for hosting your websites.

About Gate:

We believe your Web site should do more than just exist online without any interruptions. Your Web site should be your calling card, your portal to success and make a stellar first impression for those who come across it with its performance and abilities.

We are experienced Web professionals just like you and we understand just how critical the right Web host is to your business; keeping infrastructure costs down while maintaining a high level of stability and performance. has been hosting mission critical Web sites since the dawn of the World Wide Web itself, and have been improving upon the concept ever since. We were the first major Web host to implement clustering technology across all of our hosting accounts, and we remain the only major reliable Web host to continue to provide this technology at affordable prices.

Our greatest asset (by far) is our experienced team of support reps, developers, and engineers. Our support team has the highest average tenure in the Web hosting industry, and several of our administrators have been with the company more than a decade. Its simply not possible to have more experience in hosting than we do.

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