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NetFirms Review: Netfirms is one of the fastest growing Hosting companies in the world. With a customer base of 1 million and counting NetFirms has everything in its arsenal to address from your complex hosting needs to providing you with the right kind of technical support.

Netfims Blurb:

Netfirms was born from an entrepreneurial idea that quickly grew to become one of the largest web hosting and domain name providers in the world. Read more about our history.

Our mission is to connect small businesses with the tools they need to succeed on the Internet. We are committed to providing reliable high-quality products, support, and technology with a focus on the continuous growth and success of our customers.

Weve always had a strong value system that stems from the mission we carry out each and every day. Quality, growth, innovation, community, and success drive us to provide positive customer experiences through high-quality products, support, and technology.

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