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ServerWOW Review: ServerWOW provides you VPS hosting at a monthly price of $5 with 10GB and 100 GB of requirements an Dedicated RAM of 128MB. This though is the basic VPS offer and if looking for much better option you are left 3 other choices, at $10, $15 and $20 with scale up in the bandwidth, space and speed requirements.

The more generic hosting is offered at a price of $10 and 10GB Diskspace
100GB Bandwidth.

ServerWOW Blurb:

We have come to realise that the big providers quite offenly overcharge for their services, whereas the lower-cost hosts simply oversell and generally cut corners in order to keep their prices down. Thats where we came in, to offer a low-cost, US hosting service and lets face it, its about time someone did the job.

We have a qualified team at hand ready to resolve any issues that you may encounter. However, this is an additional addon which we stress you take. Should a problem arise that isnt hardware or network related and you havent purchased the management addon, it is our right to turn down the request for help. All accounts are un-managed by default.

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